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Enough with the pleasantries. Let's talk movies.

First of all, The number 1 movie right now is The Avengers. This past weekend, it followed up it's stellar $207 million dollar opening (!!) by smashing the second weekend record Avatar set in 2009 ($76mil) with an additional $103 million dollar haul! Insane numbers especially when you consider that it has already made more domestically in just 11 days, than it's 5 prequels did in their entire theatrical runs. It is now number 15 on the all-time domestic charts. The question is how high will it go.

At worst it should end up finishing at 4th behind only Avatar, Titanic, and The Dark Knight. That would put it in the very exclusive 500 million dollar club. It's a safe bet that it will continue to put up good numbers throughout the rest of May as it's only major competition the rest of the month is Men In Black III, opening May 25th.

My guess is The Avengers will finish at around $590 million which would put it at third place, and less than $70 million away from Titanic's 1998 record. By the time The Dark Knight Rises comes out, it will pretty much know what it would need to do to finish as the biggest movie of 2012.

What do you think? Can the Avengers make it to $600 million? How high will it go? Will The Dark Knight Rises pass it?